2 = day to day [day-to-day], everyday, daily, daily.
Ex. The latter is the viewpoint of those who are perhaps concerned about day to day maintenance of the equipment.
Ex. We have too much invested, and the new systems too intimately integrated into the everyday operation of the library, for us to assume any longer that we can temper their influence on emerging standards.
Ex. Successful libraries will embrace the future by incorporating new technology into daily routines.
Ex. The author analyses 4 dailies, 3 weeklies and 5 monthlies.
* a diario = every day.
* batalla diaria = daily grind.
* de diario = everyday.
* dedicarse a + Posesivo + quehacer diario = go about + Posesivo + everyday life.
* dedicarse a + Posesivo + tareas diarias = go about + Posesivo + everyday life.
* en la rutina diaria = in the trenches.
* faena diaria = daily grind.
* gestión diaria de, la = day-to-day running of, the.
* lucha diaria = daily grind.
* monotonía diaria = daily grind.
* noticias diarias de interés = daily news alerts.
* para diario = everyday.
* prensa diaria, la = daily press, the.
* problema diario = daily problem.
* rutina diaria = comfort zone, daily routine, daily grind.
* situación diaria = daily situation.
* tomarse la pastilla diaria de la malaleche = take + Posesivo + daily mean pill.
* trabajo diario = daily work.
* trajín diario = daily grind.
* vida diaria, la = everyday life.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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